I’m sure it came as no surprise to our supporters that due to the COVID-19 situation and all public gatherings subjected to either cancellation or postpone that our concert, originally scheduled for Saturday 28th March has been rescheduled to Saturday 10th October.

Those of you who purchased tickets are entitled to a full refund OR we can carry them over to our rescheduled concert in October.

Undaunted, we shared between ourselves some historical YouTube performances of the works from our concert programme so that choir members could all experience the music in performance, and we’re looking forward to October!

The news thus far is rather sombre in that this lock down period could continue for some time.

We are keeping a watchful eye on developments as they occur but we currently foresee no choir practices taking place until the Autumn term.

In the  meantime, do check out the following various online music links

  • Bristol Ensemble At Home

This is via their YouTube channel:
Upcoming highlights include Roger Huckle playing Bach’s E Major Partita for solo violin, broadcast from Bergen, Norway (where he lives half the time)

  • Messiah
(You do need to subscribe I think)

  • Gareth Malone’s Great British Home Chorus
(This is the link for session 1, there’s one every weekday so the next one will be Monday and it’s normally around 5pm or 5.30pm

  • The stay at home choir

  • Royal Opera House
They have a thing called #ourhousetoyourhouse”
Various things are coming up on this.

  • The Berlin Philharmonic
They made this free during the pandemic

  • Classic FM also has a list of links to live streamed stuff.

Keep in touch with us and watch out for updates via our website and facebook page!