Hannah & the Tyger


Christmas 2006 saw the production of Hannah & The Tyger being performed for the very first time in history. A piece composed by the ever-talented, perfectly pitched John Hughes, together with his colleague Mike Scanlon who brought forth the libretto.

Complete details as follows:


(in order of appearance)

The Tyger – Adrian Jones
A Priest – Michael Harris
Hannah – Rosie Archer
The Ringmaster – Richard Oxley
A Fortune Teller – Jane Henderson
Malmesbury Characters – Margaret Greenwood;
Kate James; Brian Cook; Neil Archer
Eilmer (yes really!) – Dick Jowitt
Piano – John Hughes
Violin – Harry Smith
Flute – Julia Poynton
Narrator – Colin Woodfield

The Crowd (Chorus) – The Malmesbury Singers and members of the Malmesbury Abbey Choir;

Jim Toogood in costume

Interspersed with a narrator who kept the story flowing, the tale told of a circus coming to town complete with resident tiger. The circus made camp in the gardens of the White Lion Inn, where Hannah Twynnoy worked as a barmaid. Unable to resist the temptation of stroking the tiger in between inn keeping, this ultimately led to her downfall. See Hannah Twynnoy for more details.


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